Story Saturday-Pray for Furness

Hi Friends,

As many of you know God has given us an incredible opportunity to care for the public high school that is one block away from our church building by providing the students there with a Bible study during school hours.  I still regularly have to pinch myself that this is allowed to happen.  Last week the Principal invited me to attend back to school night, so that I could recruit kids for the Bible study.  We currently have 19 students that have expressed interest in participating.  What an incredible blessing!  Also, we might have an opportunity to provide some tutoring for students.  I’m still waiting to hear back about the details about that, but that would be another awesome opportunity to connect with these youth.

However, in order to really see God work, we need to pray.  Please join me in praying for the following:

  1. That God would bring out many students, so that they can hear about Jesus.

  2. That God would open their spiritual eyes, so that they might come to saving faith in Christ.

  3. That God would integrate them into either our local church, or another gospel centered community where they could grow as disciples.

  4. That God would reach the rest of their families through them.

  5. For wisdom and favor for Caleb McCurley (Our Youth Director) as he brings leadership to this Bible study.

  6. For continued favor and opportunities to bring the light of Christ to Furness High School.

Thanks for your prayers!

Pastor Jeff

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