Story Saturday- The Blessing of Church Partnership

As you read the New Testament one of the things that becomes very clear is that the early church carried with them a significance sense of partnership as they multiplied out in church plants around the world.  There were no cowboy Christians off doing their own thing, but rather churches that were reaching their local area with the gospel, starting churches in new areas for the gospel and supporting the expansion of gospel work together.  

As we gather as Christ Church we only see the people present, but the reality is that we are partnered together with thousands of other people across the world through Sovereign Grace Churches.  Sovereign Grace churches is a family of churches that comes together to plant gospel centered churches.  This partnership was crucial to helping us plant as churches generously gave us resources in money, people and equipment.  But their commitment to us wasn’t just to plant us.  Sovereign Grace Churches exist to plant and build gospel centered churches.  They don’t want to just start new work, but see it sustained and grow.  

There are numerous ways that we as a local church are being built through our broader partnership with Sovereign Grace Churches, but one of the most significant is the annual Sovereign Grace Pastor’s conference that is coming up next week.  At this conference we as pastors will be further trained by world class theologians (This year one of my favorites, Dr. John Piper is coming) while also engaging in vigorous discussion together for the future of our partnership at the Council of elders meeting, and enjoying the blessing of fellowship with one another as we catch up with good friends.  I can’t emphasize enough the strategic significance this conference plays in our church.  This year I will be joined by Sam Cardillo and Steve Crowell.  Could you please pray for the following things for us?

  1. That God would protect us as we travel and return us safely home.

  2. That God would be with our families and give them a special grace in our absence.

  3. That we would have ears to hear what God wants us to hear through the teaching of his word.

  4. That we would be freshly invigorated for the work in South Philadelphia as we enjoy fellowship and prayer with our brothers from around the world.

  5. That God would lead our leadership team as they bring direction throughout the conference (Mark Prater, Ian McConnel, Rich Richardson, Mickey Connoly, Bob Kauflin and Jeff Purswell)

While there are many fine church partnerships out there, I am really grateful that we get to be part of Sovereign Grace churches.  

Thanks in advance for your prayers!

-Pastor Jeff

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