Follow up to sermon on Thirsting for Living Water

Hi Friends,

My disappointment in not being able to be with you this past Sunday has only grown as I heard that my friend, Dan Birkholz, gave a powerful sermon on Thirsting for Living Water.  I’ve had the opportunity to listen to his sermon and wow, we were served so well.  I love how bold he was to challenge us to thirst after God.  I pray that you took those words to heart and were encouraged to be a thirsty person.

Crying out for God is the main reason we have our bi-weekly Monday night prayer meeting.  We pray a lot as a church.  We pray before our service on Sunday, we pray during our service on Sunday ,and we pray in our small groups.  However, all those contexts have time constraints built into them that don’t let us dwell in prayer together.  And so we gather on Monday night, in order to have unhurried, undistracted and unrushed time praying and reflecting on what we are praying through songs.  It is my deep desire for this meeting to grow as more people come out to express their thirst for God.  Whether it is once every other week, once a month or once every other month, I’d encourage you to make it a priority to come out.  While we certainly can seek God on our own, doing it together allows God to work through other people’s prayers and gifts in our lives.  

Christ Church, may we thirst to be thirsty!

Grace and peace

Pastor Jeff

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