Story Saturday- God's relentess love

The following is the written testimony of my friend Chris Wisniewski, that he gave at his baptism this past Sunday.  I was in tears the whole time... 



I have been through many trials and tribulations throughout my life. And, even though I 

may not have acknowledged God’s presence or even believed he existed at some points 

during my life, he has never left my side or stopped caring for me.  


I was born to a single mother in a loving family. My mother’s love was enough to suffice 

for two parents. And, I knew she would sacrifice the world for me. However, I was still 

upset that I didn’t have a father. But, it was okay, because I would tell myself that I am 

going to become something great! And, when he would want to enter into my life, I 

would shut him down! I never fully understood all the feelings I had during that time. 

And, I certainly never dealt with them. But, those feelings, which were buried so deep, 

definitely influenced many of the things I thought or did in my life. They made me work 

harder at the things I was good at and quit the things that I thought I may fail in. They 

made want to be liked and accepted by everyone, while feeling like I don’t necessarily 

need anyone. But, worst of all, they hardened my heart to the point where every emotion 

turned into anger.  


When I was 6, me and my mother moved in with my father. Even though we don’t share 

blood, I call him father because he cared for me just like I imagined a father would. My 

sister was born when I was seven. And, we were a happy family! 


Now, I was always a bit mischievous. I’d find matches and set anything that I could on 

fire. I’d stay out past curfew, ride my bike way past my limits, and throw eggs at people 

and cars no matter the season. But, as I grew older, my mischievousness grew into 

rebellion. By sophomore year of H.S., my grades fell drastically. My love for sports 

diminished. And, my interest in sex, drugs, alcohol and crime took control. I idolized real 

gangsters as well as the ones in the movies. 


As the years passed, I watched friends plot on one another, become more dependent on 

drugs, and even go to juvy. However, I still hung around them and my fascination with 

the streets continued.  


All my dreams of being a big shot and getting rich quick culminated when I was 18. This 

is also where God really started working on me. I found myself around some people who 

were well connected and my life started moving at the speed of light. Money, drugs, and 

guns were combated by a mother’s plea for change, close calls, and a dream, that I now 

believe was sent by God. Although not instantly turned away from the life I was living, 

those things did slowly work on me. And, over time I turned away from the streets, 

pursued a real career, and let God slip into the back of my mind.  


As I got older, and grew in my career, life actually became harder. In 2007 the recession 

hit and it greatly affected my family. My father being a used car salesman lost his 

business. And, the financial burden of a newly purchased home fell completely on my mother. 

As the separation of my parents and the reality of losing our house became more 

evident, we all turned to different things for comfort. I became deeply depressed. I soon 

spent all my time working, going to the gym, and hanging out. I was constantly running 

from one thing to the next so that I didn’t have to think about anything.  


At the same time all this was going on, God made his presence known again. Where I 

worked, it was rare to find religion at all, let alone a follower of Christ. But, somehow the 

team I worked on had the shipyard “bible thumper.” I didn’t mind though. I listened. 

And, I even went out and purchased a bible to do my own reading. For a short period of 

time, my interest in God was reignited.  


Late in 2010, I was laid off. Because I didn’t have any major expenses and I still lived at 

home, I felt free! Once again, I forgot about God and began to spend most of my time 

going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and trying to figure a way out of my house 

which was now completely overwhelmed by depression. During that same time, I wrote 

God off. I denied his existence and found comfort in more eastern philosophy.  


That was until I met Pyari. Although a strong believer in Christ, she never forced 

anything on me. She would just give me her perspective and more often than not, I would 

find it very comforting. It was Pyari that brought me back to the church. However, as 

time went on, I went through many periods of interest and acceptance of Christ to 

disbelief and discontent. My relationship with God was very frail and based solely on my 



But, God didn’t give up. He just stayed right there working on me throughout the years. 

God not only delivered messages that brought tears to my eyes during services I would 

attend every so often, but, he introduced me to people with undeniable and unshakeable 

faith. Faith, that I was often envious of because I couldn’t understand how someone could 

let go of control. But, with each insight given to me by a disciple of Christ Jesus, my 

heart softened, my emotions became more stable, and my understanding grew.  


One Saturday night, God convinced me that I was going to get up early and go to the 

church around the corner. It has been some time since my first visit and my consistency 

has been a work in progress. But, I believe God put this church right here for me. Not 

only was it right around the corner and thus limiting my excuses of not being able to 

make it. But, Jeff, as well as many other members of this church, stayed focused on me. 

I’ve met up with Jeff at coffee shops just to talk. And, I’ve been sent Christian audio 

books, received invitations to small group and to play basketball, been encouraged to 

continue to learn and grow, all while constantly being reminded that I am being prayed 

for by several members of this church.  


 I am now happy to call Christ Church my home and Jesus Christ my savior!