Follow up to Psalm 77

We were truly blessed this past Sunday to hear Sam Cardillo preach from Psalm 77 on Remembering God’s Faithfulness.  What a privilege to hear from a man who has been following Christ for decades.  While I am grateful for the many young people that are part of Christ Church and the vitality that they bring, we are strengthened in a unique way by our senior saints.  There is simply no substitute for life experience.  Sam is a blessing to us as he brings into the pulpit, and as a pastor, the unique gift of walking with Jesus for over 50 years.

Here are some particular takeaways that I had, which I’d encourage you to meditate on and talk about with one another.

  • Do you feel a freedom to be honest with God about how you are feeling?  Why or why not?

  • When in troubles do you blame God or ask questions of God?

  • When you ask questions of God are you really open to hearing answers through what He has spoken in His word?

  • Are you willing to seek God without a timetable?  Does your life allow for unhurried meditation on God through his word and prayer?

  • How can you grow in anchoring yourself in the character of God so that you might not be pulled down by the weight of your challenges and sorrows?

No sermon is ever complete just upon its preaching.  It is in the ensuing contemplation and discussion amongst the congregation that God’s word is truly honored as the life changing experience that it is.  May we continue to be a people who are growing more and more to be shaped by the sermons that we hear.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff

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