Story Saturday

One of the things I want to do regularly on this blog is share some of the amazing stories that God is writing in our community.  So I am going to try, every Saturday, to tell one of these stories.  I hope these leave us feeling encouraged about God's work and inspired to keep going hard on the mission for Jesus.  The kingdom is advancing!

Several weeks ago, I was approached by a school liaison for Furness High School on 2nd and Mifflin.  She told me that she had heard about the church and our heart for our community and so, she wanted to ask me if I would be interested in leading a Bible study for high school students at our church building.  I almost fell out of my seat.  An opportunity to meet with non-Christian, young adults and tell them about Jesus?  Um, yeah, sign me up! 

This past Thursday, I met again with the liaison and she brought  4 students that are interested in being part of the bible study.  I hit it off with them right away.  I don't think they expected a pastor to know the stat line from the last Warriors-Cavs game (I have always told my wife that my sports obsession has missional purposes and I'm feeling pretty vindicated these days).  After chatting for a bit, not only were they interested in having a bible study, they also expressed a desire to come out to church.  2 of the kids are Muslim and the other two don't go to church anywhere, so again, I almost fell over out of shock.

Later that day I received a phone call from one of the student's Moms.  I could tell that she was crying and she said, "What did you tell my Son?  I have been trying to get him to come to church for years, but he has showed no interest.  Now, he can't stop talking about coming on Sunday and he is inviting his friends."

Only God can write this kind of story.  Please join me in praying that these students do come, that the Bible study does happen and that God uses this inroad into this high school to reach the next generation for Jesus.

Soli Deo Gloria.