Story Saturday- Partnership on Display!

Hi Friends!

While I missed being with you this past Sunday, I think how things worked out was a really neat expression of how partnership is meant to work amongst churches.  As you know, we are part of Sovereign Grace Churches, which is a partnership of like minded churches that are networked together to plant and build gospel centered churches.  This past Sunday, the importance of our partnership was put on display.  Let me tell you the story. 

I had the privilege of speaking at the Sovereign Grace Church in Harrisburg, PA.  Their lead pastor has a real heart for urban mission and church planting and so he wanted me to come to serve his church in giving a small picture of what that looks like.  We know each other thorugh the Sovereign Grace Pastors College and so our friendship was birthed from our shared partnership.  Because of our friendship, he wants to bless us by helping us be a blessing to our community, through putting together a block party for us.  I will share more about this tomorrow, but on August 20th a group of 15 people from Harrisburg are coming into our neighborhood, renting bounce houses, doing face painting and cooking food so that we can invite our neighbors to this event and continue to make connections in our community for Jesus.  I was asked to go serve that church, but I think they are serving us far more!  It was awesome to be in a different place with different people, but who God is doing similar things as they worship Jesus and seek to be a community on mission.

I heard that Pastor Ian, unsurprisingly, did an awesome job preaching in my place.  That’s partnership at work as well.  Because of my love for you, and respect for the authority of the Bible, it is a big deal for me to let someone come and preach at the pulpit of Christ Church.  But through our partnership with Sovereign Grace, I trust Ian’s theology and have developed a relationship with him over the years as we both minister in Philadelphia together.  Christ Church, we are incredibly blessed by men like Ian who regularly pray for our church and have mentored me as I seek to lead us to faithfully follow Jesus and be about His mission.  I was so glad you had an opportunity to benefit from his ministry this past Sunday. 

So Ian comes here, I go to Harrisburg, and Harrisburg will be coming here…  What an awesome story of partnership!  Friends, this is why we are joined with Sovereign Grace Churches.  We can do more together than we could apart. 

See you tomorrow!

-   Pastor Jeff

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