Story Saturday- Loving One Another

One of the things that I so appreciate about our church is that you do not just talk about loving one another, but put that into action in very real and tangible ways.  I love telling people that even if I wasn’t a pastor here, there is no other church that I would want to be part of.  A fresh example of this is how you have pulled together to help Matt and Ashley Magitz get their home ready for their little girl.


The Magitz’s home, while large and spacious, was literally falling apart in several places.  Roof leaks, rotted wood, new floors needed…  The list seemed long and endless.  They had a plan to get it all done with plenty of time before their baby arrived, but as contractor after contractor failed to deliver, their desperation and anxiety started to kick in.  Matt very humbly shared this burden with the church and it has been amazing watching you spring into action.  The other day he told me that he literally counted over 30 people who have been in his home helping with various projects.  We aren’t a large church, so that number is pretty stunning.  And for many of you it wasn’t a quick in and out, but multiple hours over multiple days.  This is on top of already very busy lives loving and serving your neighbors, as well as other people in the church.

I am so grateful that, while we don’t have many formal ministries in our church, we are a church that very actively ministers to one another.  As we continue to grow numerically, may we never lose this vision we have to truly be a people that love one another.  

Grateful for you Christ Church!

Pastor Jeff

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