Story Saturday- Jesse and Kate: A Story of Gospel Redemption

Today Jesse and Kate, two beloved members are of our church, are getting married.  I love having the privilege of officiating any wedding ceremony, but this one is particularly special because in many ways Jesse and Kate’s story is a microcosm of why we exist as Christ Church.

When I first met Jesse, he was a pretty self centered, young urban professional.  He doesn’t remember this, but he wouldn’t even stand to greet me when we were first introduced.  He was totally absorbed in seeking to fulfill his life through the false idol of career success. It is for people like Jesse that Christ Church exists.  Through a series of God ordained events, this young man would be rescued by Jesus from his slavery to self and become the first convert to be baptized at Christ Church.  He has since become a real pillar in our church known for his compassionate heart for others, quickness to lend a helping hand and humility to not be scared to ask hard questions.    

Kate comes from a different background.  Unlike Jesse, she grew up going to Christian churches.  However, her experiences left her jaded and cynical at the hypocrisy that she encountered.  When I first met Kate it was clear that she loved Jesus, but it was also clear that she had a lot of walls built up.  I wasn’t sure if those walls would ever come down enough for her to be able to open her heart to someone else in marriage.  Kate was part of the original plant team for Christ Church and over these past two years it has been amazing to watch God begin to heal her heart and the gospel give her strength to open up to others.  

It has been awesome to watch Jesse and Kate both further mature as disciples of Jesus through their relationship together.  Jesse’s compassionate care has been put to the test as he has cared for Kate in heroic ways as she battles chronic migraines.  Kate’s vulnerability has been pushed as she has had to allow Jesse to care for her.  The love that they experience together has definitely taught them more about God’s love, which is the source of all love.  

They are having a small ceremony with only their immediate family, but as their church family, please be praying for them on this momentous day.  May we see more new Christians like Jesse and may we see more healed Christians like Kate.

Pastor Jeff

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