Story Saturday- A Prophetic Vision

Two and a half years ago, at one of our church plant team meetings, someone had a vision of our church being like a mosaic.  Different kinds of tiles, all brought together to make one beautiful picture.  Yet, there were tiles missing, but that was God’s promise to build this church through adding new and unique people that will truly make this a beautiful community.  


This past Saturday we had our first session of our new member’s class and as I looked out on the people who are prayerfully considering joining our church mission here in South Philly, I was so affected to see this vision coming true.  The class was definitely a mosaic of unique tiles.  Different generations of singles, marrieds and grandparents.  Different backgrounds from people who have been following Jesus for decades and some for only a few months.  Different ethnicities, different socio economic status, different abilities, different interests, even different accents.  Yet, all brought together in unity by Jesus and for the mission of seeing his fame spread throughout our city.  

These past few months watching our church grow has prompted in me more fervent prayers.  Prayers that we would not be just a church, but truly part of a movement of God sweeping this city with the life-giving news of Jesus and that this would lead to many churches being planted out of us. I believe the vision that was given is not just about our local congregation, but what I believe God wants to do through Christ Church throughout the city of Philadelphia.   It has been incredible to watch God calling people to himself and then calling them to Christ Church, who have specific gifts and abilities that will help us be able to pursue the mission farther and faster.  There are still missing pieces to the Mosaic, but what a joy to celebrate the tiles that are being added!

- Pastor Jeff

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