Prayer for Charlotte

Hi Friends,

I am sure that you are tracking all that is happening down in Charlotte, NC right now.  If you aren’t, this past Tuesday Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed while waiting to pick up his son from school. His death has sparked numerous protests in the city of Charlotte, two of which have turned violent.  This shooting happened 3 miles away from a Sovereign Grace Church called Crossway.  The pastors from Crossway have reached out and requested prayer for the following:


  • Pray for, and grieve with, the Scott family

  • Pray for all those who have been injured in the protests

  • Pray that wise and peace loving people in our community would join together to bring help and healing to the present and genuine strategies for change in the future

  • Pray for justice to be done as the police conduct their investigations

  • Pray for our police officers that they would be protected while doing their jobs. Pray that they would exercise wisdom and discretion especially during the high-pressure situations they so often face.

  • Pray for racial reconciliation in our nation—that men and women with good hearts and good judgment would work together to bring increasing reconciliation so that all could live free from fear and in genuine harmony with all who are made in the image of God.

  • Pray for the Crossway Community Church that God would use them be messengers of the peace of Christ in this time of great anger and grief.

Pastor Jeff

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