Story Saturday- A simple church calendar for a profoundly missional purpose

Hi Friends,

Our Membership Matters class is going to be starting in two weeks, where people are given the opportunity to explore being part of Christ Church through learning about our mission and vision.  We currently have 25 people signed up for the class.  This is always an exciting time as new people consider joining our community and being part of the mission that God has called us to here in South Philly.  

This past weekend, I was spending time with one of the new couples who are signed up for Membership Matters.  I was so encouraged to hear them share about what being part of Christ Church has meant to them.  They said,

This is the first church that has actually put us in a position to be on mission through giving us time to connect with our neighbors.  Our weekends are actually free and we have time to build relationships.  Through this we have seen ourselves grow as we spend time with other members of Christ Church who invest into our lives and we have also been able to establish rich and meaningful relationships with people who are not yet followers of Jesus.


I was so grateful to hear this testimony.  We live in a culture where it is very easy to be busy and churches so often feed into this by overcrowding the schedule with a million different things for people to do.  But this is often counter productive as being busy doesn’t allow you to spend time with God, with other Christians and with those who have yet to believe.  If you read the NT there aren’t really any church programs mentioned other than listening to preaching, but relationships are talked about all the time.  At Christ Church we are trying to resist our culture’s celebration of  busyness and be a community where we give people time to be on the mission of making and maturing disciples by being with people.  It was super encouraging to hear this couple talk about how this vision is what was resonating with them and bringing fresh vigor to their relationship with God.


The freedom of our church calendar can be misused.  It is very easy to fill our lives up with things that keep us busy.  As someone who often feels very busy, I was freshly challenged by this couple to make sure that I am intentionally keeping my life open to be with people.  Busyness will always be what we drift towards in our fast paced, performance base cultured.  However, God offers us the opportunity to find rest in Him and from that place of rest, use our lives for his eternal purposes of investing in relationships.  


I love you Christ Church and am so grateful for how we get to live out Loving Christ, Loving Each Other and Loving Our City together.


Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff

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