New Sermon Series, "Ephesians: Living in the Greatest Story Ever Told"

This past Sunday I was having a conversation with a neighbor at our block labor day BBQ and he said something that really struck me, “I’m just trying to find out what my story is, so that I can live in it.”  There is just so much wrapped up into that question.  I heard a searching for meaning, for identity, for purpose and for value.  Where would you have gone with that conversation?  How would you have answered him?  How do you answer that question for yourself?

This coming Sunday we are going to be starting a new sermon series on Ephesians.  This is an ancient letter, but it addresses the same relevant questions that we deal with everyday. The same questions that my neighbor is asking and I’m sure yours are too.  It was written by the Apostle Paul, but, unlike Paul’s other letters, there was no specific crisis that prompted this correspondence to the Ephesians.  He simply wanted to take some time to tell this church, that he loved, the greatest story ever told and the part that they get to play in it.  He starts the story before the beginning of existence, plays it out throughout the mundane stuff of our everyday lives and ends it with the climactic victory of God at the conclusion of all things.  This story will challenge us.  This story will encourage us.  This story will inspire us.  This story will leave us breathless.  And if we really listen, this story will not leave any of us unchanged.   Come join us at Christ Church as we explore this story and bring a friend.  I believe God has big things in store for us.  

See you on Sunday!

Pastor Jeff

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