Want to Dig Deeper?

Dear Christ Church,

If we are going to be people on the mission of discipleship, then that means we must give ourselves to being a learning community.  We won’t be able to grow as disciples, or be used as disciples, if we aren’t growing in learning about the gospel and how it applies to all facets of our lives.  Therefore, we are going to be launching our digging deeper classes again this spring and in the fall to address some things that I think are crucial for us to dig deeper into if we want to continue to grow missionally.  

Here is what we have planned for February-April

Getting to the Heart of Parenting

"Parenting is more than using your power to get children to behave in certain ways.  Parenting is all about the exposure and change of a child's heart.  When the heart of a child changes the behavioral change that is needed will last."- Paul Tripp, author of Getting to the Heart of Parenting

This class is designed to help us learn how to be an instrument of heart changing grace in the little moments of life that God will give you with your children, regardless of their age.

How to Get Into God's Word

The Bible is meant to be the nourishment for souls that we feed on daily.  Yet, many people are unaware of how to study the Bible and therefore, instead of the Bible being a feast it can feel like we are in a famine.  

This class is going to teach us how to develop the skills necessary to unlock this divinely inspired ancient manuscript, so that we can truly realize the power of God's word in our lives.

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