Story Saturday: Furness Fruit

You might have remembered me sharing a story about a year ago about how we had been asked by our local public high school to come do a Bible study once a week during their lunch period.  Caleb and Jessie McCurley have been heading that up for about a year now and there are anywhere from 6-12 students that come on a regular basis.  Almost all of these teens are not Christians nor from Christian households.  This is literally the first time that they are hearing about Jesus.

This past Sunday, several of the families of the teens decided that they wanted to come check out our church.  And so, many of the new faces you saw this past Sunday, were those who have been reached by our ministry at Furness.  The Principal even made a brief appearance.  The feedback I received was amazing.  They felt warmly welcome by you all and were amazed at the joy they saw in people both through our singing and response to the preaching of God’s word.  By God’s grace, a deep impression was definitely made.  

I still shake my head in wonder that we get the opportunity to do this Bible study at Furness.  Please continue to keep this ministry, the youth of Furness and the McCurleys as they lead, in your prayers.  We are seeing fruit happen in front of our eyes.  May new spiritual family trees be affected for generations by the work that is going on in these young people’s hearts.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff

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