Praying for more Story Saturdays

As we enter into the final months of 2017, I am amazed as I look back at all the stories that God has written over this past year.  I have loved writing these “Story Saturday” testimonies about all that God is doing and I am convinced that one of the reasons that God has been moving so powerfully is because they are so many people who are praying so faithfully for Christ Church.

This weekend I am going away with our interns, pastor in training and advisory team to take some unhurried time to look back at this past year and forward to next year.  This is a significant and strategic time as we start to put plans together for moving forward on mission in 2018.  So could you please pray for us this weekend? Please pray that God would use our time away to help us make decisions that would open the door for God to write more Story Saturdays at Christ Church..

You can pray specifically that:

1.     God would meet us and encourage us through our fellowship together.  More than anything we want to be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit so that our leadership would be empowered by the love of Christ dwelling richly in our hearts.

2.     God would direct our conversations, giving us clarity of thought and openness of heart, so that we might come to unified decisions for the good of the church.

3.     God would bless us with creativity and insight into how to best continue to grow as a healthy local church.

4.     God would give us strength to work hard as we pour ourselves into this time away.

5.     God would meet us and lead us to greater trust in him as we continue to seek to lay down our lives in service of Christ Church.


Pastor Jeff

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