When a neighbor loses their baby

Last Monday, a friend of mine told me about a former co-worker of his who had just moved into our neighborhood.  This individual had about as hard a past as you can imagine.  However, some recent joy had come into her life.  She was pregnant with her first child.  Yet, the reason that my friend contacted me was because this woman had just called him and told him that she was in the hospital and that her son had been delivered stillborn.  To go from anticipated joy to heart wrenching loss is one of the greatest tragedies that can be experienced.   My friend reached out to me to see if there was anything that our church could do for her as she went through this devastating time.  

I called this woman to ask what would help.  She said she couldn’t even think and had no idea how to process coming home.  She said that if she could somehow be provided with a few meals, that would at least help her to not have to try to cook or shop.  I told her that I’d see what we could do.

I sent out an email to Christ Church and within 4 hours we had meals set up for her for the next two weeks.  Multiple people reached out to me to ask what else they could do.  Prayers were written and sent for me to pass along.  As people started dropping off their meals for this woman, she started sending me text messages of her overwhelming gratefulness.

“I just got my first meal and it was amazing.  I really can’t think you all enough.”

“You have no idea how all these people are filling my heart”

“I have never known love like this and this is coming from people that I don’t even know”

“In my darkness Christ Church is being a light.  This is about more than meals. I am making friends with people that I think will last for a long time.”

Glory be to God!  Christ Church, this is just one of many examples of how you desire to put your faith into action.  I am so blessed to see the grace of God that is so richly upon you.  This is all because of Jesus.  He has changed your hearts. He has made you new.  And through his love you’ve been transformed to be lights of his love to others.  I worship Him for how I see Him at work through you.  This is what Jesus meant when he said, “let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” (Mat 5:16 ESV)


Pastor Jeff