Story Saturday- Valetine's Day?

Dear Christ Church,

This coming week is Valentine’s day.  (Guys, in case you are wondering it is Tuesday the 14th.  You are welcome for the reminder…)  I have mixed emotions about Valentine’s day.  I believe that love should be celebrated every day and not just on a special occasion.  I think the picture given in our culture of what romance and love are is false and dangerous.  Much of what I see about Valentine’s day makes me very sad.

However, Hebrews 13:4 gives this command, “Let marriage be held in honor among all.”  As our culture celebrates love, I think Valentine’s day is a great opportunity for Christians to stand up and talk about what love is really about.  Our culture devalues marriage, but as Christians we see this as a beautiful illustration of our very relationship with Christ.  Marriage is about unconditional love for an imperfect person.  Marriage requires sacrifice and commitment.  Therefore, marriage is about the gospel.  To honor marriage, I want to use this “Story Saturday” to honor the woman that I have been privileged to be married to for almost 9 years.  Angie is going to kill me for drawing attention to her.  However, she often has to deal with the hardest parts of my role as a pastor, so if I can find a way to bless her, I want to do that.  

You all know Angie as a friendly person who is always there with an encouraging word, ready to point you to Christ, to provide practical help, or simply listen and pray.  What you don’t see is that the main way she cares for you is through how she cares for me.  I’m grateful for our pastors in training and advisory team, but hands down Angie is my best counselor.  No one gets what is going on in the life of our church more than her.  No one is more sold out for our mission than she is.  I might look like I have great faith and vision, but don’t let me fool you. Angie is the one who is propping me up.  She sees me at my worst moments and she counsels and comforts me when I’m discouraged and fatigued.  She is the one who keeps me focused on what is most important and reminds me how God is at work.  She is my biggest encourager and my biggest critic and it is really helpful to have her be both!

She makes sacrifices for you every day.  I can be there with you at the hospital because Angie is holding down the fort at home.  I can have you in my home because she is willing to cook and clean so that our door can be open and our kitchen table used for ministry.  I can lead you on Sunday because Angie is willing to get our kids ready herself and bring them to church.  We are never at a church function where I am able to focus on her.  She sacrifices getting my attention, so that I can focus on you and is patiently willing to be together when I come home.  Christ Church you need to be aware that I’m pretty replaceable when it comes to our church leadership structure.  But without Angie, we would fall apart fast.  

So could you do me a favor?  Pray for Angie.  Pray that the joy of the Lord would continue to be her strength.  Pray that God would meet her, fill her and strengthen her on a daily basis.  Pray that while she sees me at my worst, that she would also always be the recipient of my best.  And could you please thank her?  She does more for you than you could ever know.  She thinks about you, prays for you and carries you on her heart.  I’m not just a blessed man to have her as my wife, you are a blessed church to have her in your midst.  She might not do much up front (although she is a knockout vocalist in my biased opinion), but she does more for this church than anyone.

Now pray that she doesn’t get too upset at me about this post…  I better make sure to grab her some flowers too...

Pastor Jeff

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