Story Saturday- A Real Family

Dear Christ Church,

One of the most challenging things as a pastor is to be on the front lines of hearing heart wrenching stories.  Angie and I heard such a story this week as a couple in our church poured out their fears over some terrible things that might become a very tragic reality in their lives.  I can’t say who it was or what the situation was, but for 45 minutes we just listened and cried.  We live in a sin cursed world and it was very apparent to us the evil that the curse of sin brings with it.  Lord Jesus come quickly and make right all that has gone wrong!

However, in the midst of sadness and grief, what was incredibly encouraging to hear was this person talk about the other people in the church that they were going to be bringing into this situation.  They said, “We don’t know who we would have turned to 3 years ago.  Our family is not here.  We had no one here.  But now the church is our family.  Now we have people who we can turn to.  We are no longer alone.”

Lots of churches talk about “being a family” and “living life together”, but they are usually just buzzwords that don’t mean much.  That’s not true for you Christ Church!  You truly embrace our call to carry one another’s burdens, to minister to each other’s needs, to be there no matter what, for the sake of Christ.  You make our church more than just an event on Sunday.  You make us a tight knit family.  For some, this is the only family that they have ever known.  And as someone who gets the privileged position of seeing the transforming effect that a gospel centered family can have on an individual, thank you.  Thank you that in the hardest things of life, you are there.  Thank you for the sacrifices, the prayers and the care that you give to one another on a daily basis.  When I hear people call our church their family, I just get so proud (in a godly way) of each and every one of you.  

Keep going Christ Church.  God is doing an amazing thing through the family that you are!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff

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