Favorite books from January

Hi Friends,

Since I received so much positive feedback from the post I did last month on my favorite books from 2016, I figured I would start giving monthly book recommendations based upon things that I am currently reading. I hope these serve you personally and are tools that you can use as you continue to grow as a disciple-making disciple.  I love how Christ Church has a culture of being a learning community!

In no particular order.

1. True Spirituality by Francis Schaeffer

Francis Schaeffer was one of the preeminent Christian thinkers of the 20th century and this book is the book that he said he wished people would read more than any of his others.  It was a well thought out explanation of the Christian worldview from the ground up.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

2.  Art of Persuasion by Os Guinness

Dr. Guiness starts out by making the argument that now more than ever Christians need to learn how to engage in persuasive dialogue as social media has exponentially multiplied the opportunities to engage with people about their worldviews.  I’ve read many books on apologetics, but this just became one of my favorites.

3.  Under Our Skin by Benjamin Watson

This was a reread for me, which should say something to you about how much I appreciate it.  If you have questions about race relations and want to hear an honest and gospel balanced voice, this is the book that I recommend you start with.

Happy reading!

Pastor Jeff  

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