Story Saturday- Jessie is getting a promotion

Dear Christ Church,

This Monday is Jessie McCurley’s final day as our church administrator/ my personal assistant.  She is not leaving the workforce, but is getting a promotion to being a full time pediatrician/nutritionist/behavioral specialist/occupational therapist/life coach/counselor/teacher/security guard….  In short, Jessie is about to become a Mom.  She will remain on as our bookkeeper, but all her other responsibilities will now be handled by Joe Catoe who has started in his new role as Director of Church Operations.

I am writing this as a testimony, because Jessie has been nothing short of a gift of God to our church.  She began working for the church just as we began our growth phase.  Our attendance has nearly tripled during her time with us.  That means that she has had to learn many things on the fly and develop systems that can scale with our growth. She has often been asked to do things that were way out of her comfort zone, but she did them with a joyful, servant’s heart.  She has put in way more hours than we actually paid her for, has taken work with her on vacations, has come in at all kinds of crazy hours and has done more than any of us know for the good of our church.

Jessie embodies what Paul wrote about in Ephesians 5 when he charges Christians to use their gifts for the good of the church, because when that happens they “ make the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.” (Eph 4:16 ESV)  Jessie lives as someone who desires to play a part in seeing the body of this church grow and build itself up in love.  She will obviously still be doing that, just in a different role.  However, I didn’t want this day to pass without publicly praising God for the testimony of His grace at work in Jessie’s life through how she has served us.

Thank you Jessie for your example to us!


Pastor Jeff

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