The Times They Are A-Changing

Dear Christ Church,

As we continue to grow as a church you will be seeing new faces in new positions.  It is an amazing testimony of God’s grace in how he continues to bless our church with gifted leaders who effectively serve to help build our community.  I want to make you aware of all these changes, so that you will understand how things are structured and praise God for his provision for our church.  The Lord is very good.

First, as I announced on Sunday, Joe Catoe has officially started in his new role as Director of Church Operations.  It will be his responsibility to take care of all the administration for our church, as well as coordinate our outreach efforts.  In short, my new favorite phrase is, “Ask Joe”.  He is going to be taking huge things off of my plate, so that I can focus my leadership on preaching and teaching, pastoral care and investing in existing and future leaders.  Joe is already doing a fantastic job and I couldn’t be more excited for him to be in this position.  He is a hard worker, diligent thinker, he loves you and is passionate about our mission.  We are going to be richly served.

Joe’s transition into this role has caused another transition to take place and that is that the Catoes will be stepping out of small group leadership and Tim and Julie Mattaliano will be taking over their group.  I am really excited about this as well.  Tim and Julie are some of the most faithful people I know and their group is going to be tremendously served by their consistent love and care.  Good times are ahead!

Also, Steve Crowell, one of our pastors in training, is going to be taking pastoral oversight of Christ Church kids off of my plate.  We value our next generation and I am excited to be able to communicate that by having one of our leaders give his full attention to that vital ministry.  As you know his wife Megan already serves as the deaconness of Christ Church kids, so this is a natural fit for Steve.  To allow him to focus on this new responsibility, Eric and Elise Neumann have taken over leading the Crowell’s small group.  Eric and Elise are some of what I like to call “studs” here at Christ Church.  They have had no official leadership role in our church as of yet, however, they have had massive influence through their personal example.  From planning their family vacations around our church calendar, so that they can prioritize being at our gatherings, to being faithful friends and godly parents, there is so much to be commended in this godly couple.  I am really excited to see them step into this leadership role so that they can be positioned to have even greater influence on our church.

I never dreamed that in these early years of our church we would be blessed with so many gifted leaders who would be helping us take our mission forward.  We also have many other potential leaders in the wings.  It is exciting to see how God is working and I can’t wait to see what He is going to continue to do.

Love you Christ Church!

Pastor Jeff

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