How NOT to sign someone up for Easter Outreach

On Sunday, Joe Catoe our new Director of Church Ops, gave us some helpful ideas about how we can get our neighbors signed up for Easter Outreach.  He suggested that we simply knock on their doors and tell them that our church is looking to show kindness to our neighborhood by giving out free Easter meals.  Would they be interested in receiving one?  If so, just take down their name address and phone number and get that information to Joe (  Quick.  Simple. Easy.  Yet, what an awesome opportunity to touch people in a tangible way with the love of Christ. 

We need to get on this as the deadline for getting people signed up is fast approaching! 

What Joe didn't tell you on Sunday is the conversation that he and I had earlier in the week about how we were going to roll this out to you.  

Joe:  So we should probably give people some more direction on how to get their neighbors signed up for Easter Outreach.

Jeff:  I'm way ahead of you, I think we should just tell them to say, "you look poor, can I give you food?"

Joe:  Um, insulting people is not usually a good way to show them kindness...

Jeff,  Ok, what about, "we want to be a blessing can we serve you with this meal?"

Joe:  Yea...  So... Only Christians use words like "blessing" and "serving".  If we talk like this to our neighbors they will have no idea what is going on and just think we are weirdos.  Which we are, but let's not give them more ammunition.

Jeff:  I hear you, I hear you.  This is Philly, so a direct approach would be better.  We should just tell them that we are giving out food and we are going to give them some whether they like it or not.

Joe:  Jeff, you are not a Jedi.  The force is not a real thing.  Just telling people what you will do is insulting and won't work.

Jeff:  I'm not sure I totally agree.  I definitely once got my TV remote to move through using the force. However, maybe we should just say that we have this extra meal and don't know what to do with it, so can you take it off our hands?

Joe:  I think Jesus generally frowned upon lying.  

Jeff: Good point...  I've got it!  We can just leave it on their doorstep and totally bypass the whole "sign people up thing".  I loved doing ding-dong ditch growing up!  This could be like that, but in a nice way.  

Joe:  Umm...  We don't want to reinforce anyone's belief in aliens or that the "helpful elves" are a real thing.  The point is to make a connection to Christ and our church where they can learn more about Christ.

Jeff:  Ok, well then how about you just give the announcement then?

Joe:  Sure no problem.  Wait a second...  Did you just Jedi mind trick me?

Jeff (while waving his hand):  You will not pursue that line of questioning.

Joe (silently to himself as he walks away):  What have I gotten into?

Love you Christ Church!

Pastor Jeff

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