Story Saturday-Being a Church with Walls

Dear Christ Church,

I’m part of a younger generation that likes to talk about being a “church without walls”, placing an emphasis on community and serving.  Now, you know that I’m all about that.  The one ministry I say that every member of Christ Church is part of is our “Kitchen table” ministry where we use our kitchen tables to spend time with one another and our neighbors as we serve each other and share our faith.  Being a church without walls is really important.  But so is being a church with walls.  When we first started Christ Church I face the major leadership of whether we would try to find a building that could be our 24/7 presence in the community, or take the safer route and just rent a facility that we could use on the weekends.  After much prayer and counsel, I pulled the trigger on signing a lease for 229 Moore.  That decision should have killed Christ Church before we even got started.  For various reasons our original construction timeline doubled and our costs tripled.  It was pretty much the worst way possible you could plan to start a church plant.  Yet, God was planning on showing us his power.  He provided in miraculous ways and we are, still here, two years later.  Just this past week our building was used to:

  • Hold food for over 6,000 families in need in our city as part of a 60 church collaboration called Easter Outreach

  • Host a meeting for our local civic association where various elected officials and city leaders gathered to discuss plans with the community of a major developer.  Having the meeting in our church allowed me to meet many of our neighbors and to pray to close the event.

  • Host people from 10 different local churches for a joint communion service that I led and then pray for Easter Outreach and pack food boxes.

  • Have a Good Friday Service where several people who have never been to church before heard the gospel for the first time.

  • Be the distribution center for 11 different churches who were delivering meals to families in need in South Philly.

  • Have an Easter Service where again the gospel was preached and for many, it was their first time hearing the truly good news of Jesus.

There were literally hundreds of people in our building this week (it was a really busy week!).  Having a church with walls let us serve Christian brothers and sisters from around the city, reach out to our neighbors, contribute to the good of our city and community and tell lots of people about Jesus.  I still can’t believe that we get to be in this place.  Walking around this building is walking in a miracle.  Only God could do something as amazing as this!

I want to close by thanking those of you who support Christ Church financially.  We are a small church that is intentionally working to keep ourselves lean and mean, so that we can be of maximum impact for the kingdom.  There is no way we could do all that we are doing without your faithful support.  Thanks for being part of how God works miracles!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff

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