Story Saturday: I'm Grateful Christ Church is Here

Dear Christ Church,

I am very encouraged by how God continues to grow us as a church and how that continues to be through people coming to faith in Jesus.  However, I hunger for more.  While being grateful for who is here, I can often be far more aware of who is not here.  Recently though God provided a conversation with a neighbor that reminded me of how I need to patiently trust in God to work over time. 

When I first moved onto my block, this particular neighbor was about as opposed to Christianity as any person can be. We have completely opposing worldviews, sets of ethics and purposes in life.  Yet, over the past few years we have developed a strong friendship of mutual respect.  While he has never walked through the door of our church building, he has told other people that they need to come out to our church.  I recently asked him about this and he said, “While I don’t agree with your spiritual beliefs, I can’t deny the positive impact your church is having on people’s lives and our neighborhood.  You guys sure are making it hard to maintain my agnosticism.”  

Now this wasn’t a Damascus road, heaven parting, light shining, come to Jesus moment for my neighbor.  However, I was nonetheless amazed at God’s work.  Through faithful labor over the years, and many, many prayers, this man’s heart has begun to softened.  Something I preach to you all the time is how we can’t judge our impact in days, weeks, or months, but have to keep the long term in view of years and decades.  I believe that, I teach that, but it can still be hard for me to personally remember that.  Yet, conversations like this get me freshly excited for what we will see God do over the long haul as a church as we continue to put our roots down, stay in the neighborhood and stay focused on our neighborhood.  All the work and prayer that led up to this comment, I believe will result in future conversions.  This is a comfort to me as I have so many friends who I long to see become family in Jesus.

Let’s make sure our roots are down Christ Church and let’s keep sowing gospel seeds.  The Lord has been bringing in a Harvest and I can’t wait for what He is going to continue to do.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff

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