Story Saturday- Sharing a Burden as a Family

Dear Christ Church,

The Bible makes it clear that a church is not an organization, or a building.  It is a spiritual family.  One of the things about being a family is that when one of us is going through something we all are called to shoulder that burden.  Christ Church,  I couldn’t be more proud of how you carry this out so regularly and authentically.  You showed your commitment to this biblical value once again last week.  

As you know, while the Catoes were over at our house having dinner, someone broke into their home and stole their TV and laptop.  I rushed over to get their kids and put them to sleep at our house and then went back to be with the Catoes as the police went through the house and took their report.  The TV could be replaced, but on the laptop were many pictures that hadn’t been backed up and now were lost forever.  The Catoes were understandably shaken and saddened by this.  After the police left, they asked me to pray, which I gladly did.  However, after I was done, the Catoes started to pray.  They didn’t pray for their things to be returned.  They didn’t pray for the thieves to be caught and brought to justice.  They prayed for mercy for these people who were so hardened of heart.  They prayed that God would use the scripture verses that were all over their laptop to reach the hearts of the robbers and bring them to faith.  They thanked God for allowing them to have the privilege to live in the city, so that they could be lights in a dark place.  I was in tears by the end of their prayer.  It felt like a very holy moment.  Only the Holy Spirit can inspire prayers like that.  

As I reached out to a few of the members of the church to ask for prayer for the Catoes the response was an immediate, “Let’s raise money for them to show them that we are in this with them.”  So I sent out an email to the members of Christ Church and the response was overwhelming.  When I told Joe what the church had done his response was one of shock.  I love seeing people shocked by the love of God shown through the family of the church.

I can’t believe that I get to be part of this incredibly powerful, supernatural, Holy Spirit filled community.  You all are an inspiration to me.

With love,

Pastor Jeff

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