Story Saturday- It takes a Village

Dear Christ Church,

I hope you were inspired by Bekah Nussbaum’s testimony this past Sunday.  Wasn’t it encouraging to hear all that God used to bring her family to Christ Church?  There was the personal connection that led her to our website, she was then reminded about our church through a Facebook post and then reconnected again at our Summer Festival.  What I really loved about what she shared was how it encouraged me to think about who else might be out there who is somewhere in that same process right now.  As we continue to be faithful to build relationships, serve our neighborhood, get out and have events where people can connect to us with, who else might God be drawing?  In light of this past Sunday’s sermon on seeing the open doors that God has put in front of us, I hope we are all freshly invigorated to dream and pray about how God can use us on our blocks to reach people for Jesus.

Here’s the second part of Bekah’s story that she told me after the service.  There had just been a cookout on her block and Angie and I had been invited, but couldn’t make it because we were at a friend’s birthday party.  However, Josh and Bekah were there and when some of the neighbors heard they were joining Christ Church it prompted them to say that they really needed to come out and see what was going on in this church that they were hearing so much about.  One relationship leads to another.  The gospel is an explosive message that leads to exponential growth.   Each new person that isreached opens doors to other new people that God wants to reach.  South Philly is said to be a really hard place to plant a church, but just think about what God can do as we continue to be people intentionally living on mission on our blocks.  Think about what God can do as we put roots down and build into relationships.  Dream about what 5, 10 years might look like.  I’m not sure what God is going to do through our church here in our neighborhood, but I’m looking forward to sticking around to find out!

See you around,

Pastor Jeff  

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