Story Saturday- Week at a Glance

Every Monday I take some time to look at our church calendar for the week and pray for everything that is happening.  We are not a big church and we don’t have a very full church calendar.  However, that does not mean that we don’t have much happening.  You see, we believe that every member has been specifically added to our church because of the unique gifting that God has given them to help build the church for the glory of Jesus.  Therefore, while we don’t do many official “church events” there are people doing ministry all the time at Christ Church.  Here’s a picture of what that looked like for us this past week:

Monday-Friday there were 25 kids in our summer theater camp.  The show was Friday night and many people from the neighborhood came out.

Wednesday morning we had a Mommy and Me playgroup where about a dozen ladies from the neighborhood got together for some fun and games with the kiddos.

Thursday we hosted 15 seminary students and I taught on Theology and Practices of Urban Ministry

Friday Night we had a recovery meeting for those that struggle with substance abus e

These are just things that took place in our building.  So far this week I have also heard 3 different stories of church members who have had the opportunity to share their faith and invite someone out to our church.  I know of 2 different people who spent several hours caring for the homeless.  We had someone help a guy get into detox.  And several meals were made for a family in need.  

Jesus said that our responsibility is just to scatter seeds and then let him bring in the Harvest. By the grace of God there are many seeds being scattered by Christ Church, week in, week out, here in South Philly.  I can’t wait to see the harvest that God continues to bring in!  We are a just a little, neighborhood church, but God is doing some big things through the people here.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff

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