Meet Jimmy Beevers

Dear Christ Church,

This coming Sunday you are going to meet our new summer intern, Jimmy Beevers.  He will be with us for all of August and most of September.  Since Jimmy is completely unknown to all of you, here is a little interview so that you can get to know him.

So who are you Jimmy?

My name is Jimmy Beevers and I will be working at Christ Church this summer as an intern. I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know the people of Christ Church! I currently live in Germany where I have spent the past 8 years.  Before that, I lived in Switzerland for 11 years. My parents are missionaries in Europe and the church that my father planted in Zürich, Switzerland, cooperated with several churches in the Sovereign Grace Churches family. I am currently attending Bonn Bible Seminary near Bonn, Germany.  I hope to graduate next year with my undergraduate degree in Theology.

What is a German theology student doing in South Philadelphia?

I am here as part of the summer internship program of my school which requires that students, in addition to being actively involved in ministry for the duration of their studies, have at least 6 weeks of ministry internship in some form (church internship, missions work, para-church organizations etc.) every summer. My past summer internships have been being a counselor at a camp, a missions trip to Africa as well as being involved in German churches and evangelistic ministry.

This Summer, I am specifically here to familiarize myself with church work in the United States. Having both an American and European heritage, the question has arisen as to where God wants me in ministry. I am very familiar with the church situation in Germany but have not had a chance for a longer, in-depth look at ministry in the American context. I am praying that God would help me to grow this summer and provide guidance as to my future path, in addition to me being able to serve Christ Church in any capacity possible.

When it came to deciding which church to do an internship at I was most interested in the Sovereign Grace churches in the Philadelphia area for several reasons. I've always been connected to Philadelphia. For as long as I can remember, I have had very dear friends here who I visited every time we came to America on furlough. This is the city where my parents met, where my sister was born and where our family lived before moving to Switzerland. If someone in Europe asks me where I'm from in America, and I don't feel like explaining that I've never actually lived in America, I'll generally say Philadelphia.

In addition to this, I share most, if not all, core theological convictions of Sovereign Grace and therefore am connected to Sovereign Grace by a similar vision and understanding of God. Accordingly, when looking for an internship in America I wrote to several churches including Christ Church. Interestingly, Pastor Jeff's father, Warren Boettcher, is friends with my father, Brad Beevers so that was an additional connection point. In fact, Pastor Jeff and I have met before, when I was a toddler and he was a young teenager, although I don't remember the encounter. I didn't want to go to a megachurch where I would not have the chance to serve much so Christ Church is a good size for me to be able to serve and learn in a more one on one setting.

How can we be praying for you?

Pray that God would use this summer to shape me more into a person that is pleasing in his sight. That I would live more totally for his honor and understand more in which capacity I am to use the gifts God has given me to glorify him in this life. Pray that in addition to learning things for myself I would be able to serve the church here and be an encouragement to the people that I come in contact with.