August Prayer Requests

Dear Christ Church,

At our last member’s meeting it was suggested that I send out monthly prayer requests to you all, so that you would know specific ways to pray for our church.  I was so grateful to hear that suggestion!  I love how much you all love to pray.

Here are some prayer requests for August.

  1. We are having our big Summer Festival this Saturday.  Please pray that God would use it to allow us to make meaningful connections with neighbors that we don’t yet know and to draw people out to Christ Church.

  2. Please pray that God would give wisdom as we continue to explore opening a non profit that will operate a recovery house and a business to underwrite the operating costs of the recovery house.  We have the house lined up, the non profit information in hand and pro bono legal counsel secured.  We are currently working through information for the business, as well as dialoguing with a potential investor.

  3. For the past several months we have been praying for greater ethnic diversity in our church, so that we might better bear witness to the unifying power of the gospel.  By God’s grace we are seeing those prayers answered both in the people that God has been bringing and also, several great brainstorming conversations that I’ve been having with those in our church who have cross cultural ministry experience.  Please pray for wisdom as we continue to pursue being a church who believes that the gospel is big enough to reach across races.

  4. We are going to be starting several new Digging Deeper classes this fall.  Please pray that God would use these times to further help us mature as a church.

  5. We have had many new faces at our church over the summer.  Please pray that God would continue to give us the gift of hospitality, so that we always be looking to include those who are new.

  6. We had a very strong first half for our financial support.  July has been a little bit of a setback as the vacation season has hurt our giving a little bit. That is obviously to be expected, but it is also a fresh reminder of our need to continue to pray that God would provide the means for the mission.

Let’s ask God to do things that only He can do!

See you around the neighborhood,

Pastor Jeff

Pastor Jeff

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