Story Saturday- Hunger for God

Dear Christ Church,

This past week we cancelled all our small groups and pulled everyone together for a night of prayer and praise.  Some small groups were better represented then others, but every group had someone that was there.  I get so excited as I think about what God will do through us taking some time to slow down and pray.  We can have all the plans and strategy that we want, but we can't manufacture a move of God.  And so we need to hunger for the presence of our Lord and for Him to come and do the great things that only He can do.  

If you weren't able to make it out, here's the outline of what we prayed for:


  1. We Sing
  2. Come Praise and Glorify

Prayers of Praise

  1. Salvations that we have seen in the past few months
  2. Remission of cancer for someone that our church has been praying for
  3. People experiencing community and life change like never before

Pray for “Making Disciples” (groups of 6-8)

  1. People in our sphere (Neighbors, co-workers, family)
  2. Our addictions ministry
  3. Our thanksgiving Dinner outreach
  4. Furness bible study
  5. Next generation (Children and youth in our church)


1.  Let Your Kingdom Come

Pray for “Maturing Disciples” category 7:45-8pm

  1. Church events
    1.  Digging deeper classes
    2.  Small groups
    3.  Sunday service
  2. Church staff members
    1.  Brittanie Demeno- Admin support
    2.  Ashley Magitz- Admin support
    3.  Kristen Catoe- Social Media
    4.  Melissa Fehlinger- Graphics
    5.  Jessica Slingerland- Supplies
    6.   Elise Neumann-Logistics
    7.  Jessie McCurley- Accounting
  3.  Pray for people in their various seasons of life:
    1. Married couples
    2. Parents
    3. Singles
  4.  Pray for our pastoral interns (Joe Catoe and his wife Kristen, Caleb McCurley and his wife Jessie), pastor in training (Steve Crowell and his wife Megan) and lead pastor (Jeff Boettcher and his wife Angie)
  5. Pray for greater ethnic and racial diversity in our church

Pray for “Multiplying Disciples” 

  1. Unity amongst churches in the city
  2. Pray for churches that are friends of our church:
    1.  Citylife (Brad and Leah Leach)
    2.  Grace and Peace (Jonathan and Rachel Olsen)
    3. Liberti Church East (Steve and Christne Huber)
    4.  Synder Ave Congregation church (Dave and Lisa Grainge)
  3. Pray for churches that are family to our church
    1.  Grace City Northeast (Rob and Stephanie Chisholm)
    2.  Grace City Frankford (Stephen and Abby Bowne)
    3.  Grace City Wissonoming (Dan and Jodi Birkholtz),
    4.  Covenant Community (Ian and Rachel McConnel)
  4. God to raise up more pastors in our church so that more members can be equipped for ministry
  5. Pray that God would give us an opportunity to church plant
  6. Pray that God would provide for us financially so that we can keep moving forward in mission


1.  Great is Thy Faithfulness

See you around the neighborhood!

Pastor Jeff

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