Story Saturday- United for Jesus

Dear Christ Church,

For the past several months I've been meeting with a group of church leaders from around the city.  We have been thinking and praying about how we can celebrate together the awesome work that God is doing all over Philadelphia.  This past Thursday our efforts came to fruition as we gathered 100 different people from 20+ different networks, denominations and groups at XinfityLive!  We had some great food, heard from some church planters (I was on that panel) and had an inspiring message from one of our city's spiritual giants, Reverend Herb Lusk II.  There was a lot of laughter, fun and connection.  We ended our time by praying over church planters.  This was just the first on a year long series of events called The Tour.  We are taking a tour around different sections of Philly seeking to shine a spotlight on what God is doing in the varies areas of our city.  

Reverend Lusk, who has been ministering in the same church in Philadelphia for over 40 years, started his talk by saying, "I don't think I have ever heard of a more important meeting than what is taking place here today."   It was a powerful statement coming from a man of his experience.  I'm not sure if that is true or not, but you could feel heaven smiling upon what was taking place.  No one was there touting their tribe or specific brand of Christianity.  We were all there united by the simple cause of Christ.  It was truly beautiful.

Thank you to all who support Christ Church.  Because of your faithful giving we were able to participate in helping to financially support The Tour and allow me to be part of the planning team.  We are a small church, but God is showing His favor upon us and allowing us to be used in influential ways in our city.  It's really amazing to watch Him work.

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See you around the neighborhood,

Pastor Jeff

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