Story Saturday- It's good to be back!

Dear Christ Church,

As I was away for the last two weeks of August it was incredible to tour historic sections of Spain and Italy.  Let me tell you, those people know how to eat and how to build impressive church buildings.  However, as I came back this Sunday I was freshly struck at how grateful I am for who you are.  Our church is not about a building.  It is about you and how each one of you intentionally seeks to be a disciple of Jesus in the everyday rhythms of your life.

I went to Dickinson Square Park after our service and when I got there, I saw the Mattalianos  engaging with some neighbors.  I ran into one of the young boys that my family has been bringing to church for the past few weeks and my kids and I spent some time playing soccer with him.  The Sosas showed up and as I went over to talk with them Eric Neumann walked past.  We picked some honeysuckles and soon had kids lining up to be taught about how to get the sweet nectar out of the flower.  There were laughs, conversation and a few opportunities to talk about Jesus.  As I walked back home my thought simply was “It is so good to be back.”  I wouldn’t trade living here in this community for anything.  Where else can you walk out your front door and have multiple spontaneous opportunities for fellowship and evangelism?

We don’t have gilded gold doors on our building.  We don’t have priceless works of art lining our walls.  But we do have something those places don’t have.  They are impressive museums, but their mission has long died out.  We have people living on mission.  I’ll take people anytime.

It’s good to be back home with you!

See you around the neighborhood,

Pastor Jeff

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