Story Saturday: Helping Under Resourced Families

Dear Christ Church,

One of the things that I love about us having a church building is that, not only does it give us roots in our neighborhood, but it allows us to serve our neighborhood by hosting groups and events.  Recently I was approached by an organization called Parent Home Child Program (  This organization seeks to serve under resourced families by giving them training and tools to thrive in school and life.  In getting to know them, they are fantastic people doing a lot of good in our city.  However, they have been without a home base for their South Philly branch.  So we have opened our doors and are going to allow them to use our building to store their supplies, as well as hold their staff meetings and trainings.  My prayer is that by us serving PHCP they will be able to serve more families in South Philly who are in need of help.  

Your faithful giving to Christ Church allows us to be able to afford this place and let us use it for purposes beyond that of our own congregational needs. This positions us to have an influence and be part of the greater good in ways that far surpass our church size.

God is doing something special here.  And He is only just getting started.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff