A Glimpse of the Gospel

So last Sunday night something big happened in my city.  If you haven’t heard, the Philadelphia Eagles are the Superbowl Champs!  It was an amazing experience to run to Broad street, yelling, high fiving and celebrating all the way there.  Once I got to Broad it was unbelievable to be with so many people cheering our long awaited victory.  What I kept hearing again and again was, “You think this is great…  Just wait for the parade!”

This morning as I woke up, throat hoarse, blurry eyed, but incredibly joyful, I couldn’t help but reflect that what I experienced last night is just a small reflection of what we experience in the gospel.  Jesus has won our long awaited victory.  What a reason to celebrate!  And just like our overflowing emotions pulled us to go celebrate with other people, so too our joy in the gospel calls for us to be eager to gather with other Christians to worship our God.  Each Sunday that we gather is a time to celebrate our Savior’s victory.  And while those celebrations should be loud and joyous, they are meant to stir our hearts to get even more excited about the parade that is coming.  Oh what a parade it will be when Jesus comes home and we get to celebrate the victory with the one who WON!

Let’s enjoy this week, Philadelphia Eagles fans.  Let’s celebrate hard, loud and proud.  And then let’s remember that we have something even more significant to celebrate.

I know I’m just an emotional Eagles fan right now.  But I love getting glimpses of the gospel which cause my heart to praise.

Pastor Jeff