James Resources

Hi Friends,

I am so excited about our new sermon series in James called “Living what you believe”.  I believe God has so much grace stored up for us through practical instruction on how to work out our faith.  If you want to get deeper into your own study on this amazing book, here are some resources that I would recommend.

1.  The Letter of James by Doug Moo

This is my go to commentary on this book.  It can be slightly technical at times, but Dr. Moo is simply one of the best.  

2.  James by Daniel Doriani in the Reformed Expository Series

This whole series is solid gold.  It is not really a commentary, but sermons with just a little more technical background.

3.  The Message of the New Testament by Mark Dever

This whole book is really good, but I especially appreciate his chapter on James and think he does a great job drawing out some of the major themes.

Happy reading!

Pastor Jeff