Please Pray!

Hi Friends,

Our model for ministry is that we don't put on many events, or programs, but rather focus on equipping our members to be impact makers in their spheres of life.  We want to intentionally pursue having an simple church schedule, so that we can be free to involved in our community around us. 

However, we do put on two events for our neighborhood.  We have an annual Easter Egg Hunt and Summer Festival.  The goals of these events is not to be preachy, but rather just to bless our community through having a huge FUN blast (and it's all free!).  Our desire is that these events would help break down walls and stereotypes that people have about "church" and bring joy to our neighbors.  We are a church that wants our neighborhood to know that we are FOR them.  

Last year we had 150 people indicate on Facebook that they were interested in coming to our Summer Festival, but 500 showed up.  For our Easter Egg Hunt we had 250 indicate on Facebook that they were interested in coming, but 1,000 showed up.  For our Summer Festival this year, we've had 600 people indicate on Facebook that they are coming.  I don't know what that means about how many will actually come, but please pray!  

Here are some specific prayer requests:

1.  That there would be fair weather, so that we can enjoy the day!

2.  That our volunteers would serve with the strength and joy of the Lord and be God's light to everyone they interact with.

3.  That all the many details would come together this week, so that we can be positioned to bless our neighbors.

4.  That God would give us many opportunities to talk with our neighbors about the love of God that inspires us to love and bless others.

5.  That we wouldn't run out of food too fast!

Grace to you,

Pastor Jeff