Excited to be back regularly!

Hi Friends,

I’ve been a little bit slower on the blog posts as the summer is in full swing for me.  However, I’m really excited to announce that I’ve been able to work on my Sunday schedule and get things changed around with the Phillies, so that I can be with our church family every Sunday and don’t have to miss any more services.  Our interns and pastor in training have done a great job stepping up in my absence and I will still need to lean on them for help in the pulpit. We are committed to leadership development and I want to continue to use our pulpit to raise up future preachers.  However, I’ve really missed being with you all on a consistent basis. I’m really grateful for the favor God has shown me with the Phillies and their ability to accommodate a change in the schedule. God has really used this season to press home to me the truth from scripture that our spiritual walk will suffer if we neglect to meet together.  I would not say I have suffered, but I think I would if this scheduled continued. I’ve also noticed that there has been an increased inconsistency amongst our attendance. I’m sure part of this is just due to summer vacations, however, I want to lead by example in showing the priority of our gathering. Not only is it vital for our own spiritual health, but God can’t use us in the lives of others at our gathering if we aren’t present at our gathering.  As Caleb said on Sunday from his fine sermon on 1 Corinthians 13, “It’s not loving to think that we can just skip out and leave greeting new people, serving and participating up to other people.” While I certainly haven’t been just blowing off our meetings, but rather engaged in ministry, I don’t want my example to give any excuse for there being less of a commitment to our mission. So I am really encouraged that this change was able to be made and I look forward to seeing you back in a normal rhythm.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff