Story Saturday- Jesus and Zumba?

Dear Christ Church,

The past few sermons that we have heard from Ephesians have had to with how Jesus has given us gifts that He wants us to use for the good of building up His church.  Brittanie Demeno is just one of many examples of what this looks like in our church.


Brittanie just became a Christian last year and was baptized back in October.  Her testimony is really powerful and if you haven’t read it yet you should (click here).  One of the many things that is encouraging to see happening in Brittanie is how she wants to use the skills that she once pursued just for herself for the good of others.  Brittanie is a talented athlete and coach.  She used to pursue those things just for herself, but now she wants to use the gifts that God has given her to glorify him and reach out to others.  Last month she approached me with an idea to start a bi-weekly Zumba class at the church free for any woman who wanted to attend.  Her desire to do that was to not only help women in our church work out, but also give an opportunity for deepening friendships and another event to which they could invite their neighbors  She intentionally looks up songs that are really clear about Jesus, so that non Christians who come might be exposed to the gospel.  So here is a girl who this time last year wasn’t even part of our church, now using her gifts for the mission of the church.  The skills she has which Satan once used to keep her distracted from God, she is now using to serve God.  Isn’t God awesome?!

The class has only met twice, but already there have been multiple non-Christians that have come out, some who have never stepped into a church building before.  This is what we want to be about, Christ Church.  Thinking about the gifts that God has given us and then prayerfully considering how we can use them for the mission of Christ.  Jesus can absolutely use Zumba!   

Grace to you,

Pastor Jef

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