Story Saturday- What A Neighbor Said

Last week I sent out an email and put up a Facebook post giving an end of year update on Christ Church, as well as making a request for donations for a need that we have as a church.  If interested, you can read that post by clicking here. (We still need a lot of help!)

When this post started to get shared around Facebook by our church members, one of their neighbors made this comment,

"Every person I have ever had the pleasure to know and work with at Christ Church is amazing. I'm not a member, but have benefited from so much from having them being part of our community.  Church members were key to helping us get City Kids Consignment Sale off the ground in South Philly and donated countless hours to bring it to life.  When we couldn't afford storage in between sales they graciously opened their doors and allowed us to use their space. I'm more than happy to donate and am thrilled to hear at how successful they have been with their mission."

I was so encouraged to read this as this is exactly how we hope our neighbors feel about us.  Whether they believe like we do or not, we want to be a people that are known as a blessing in our community.  Obviously we want to see people come to faith and become part of our church.  However, we also want to just serve people without an agenda for it is good just to do good.  I am so grateful that this is what you are all about Christ Church.  Let’s keep doing good believing that in due season we will see God bring in an incredible harvest of saved souls for his glory.

I am so grateful for you!

Pastor Jef

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