Who's Your Three

On Sunday I laid out a major initiative that we have for Christ Church going into 2017 and that is to begin thinking about "Who's Your 3?"  As we consider how Jesus has made us to be disciples who make and mature disciples, there should be three categories of relationships with others that we have present in our lives.

1.  Who is someone that I am reaching out to?

If we want to see disciples of Jesus made, then we must have relationships with those who are not yet disciples.  Who is one person this year that you can commit to pray for every day, regularly spend time with and continue to have a conversation with Jesus?  If you aren't sure how to really have conversations about Jesus, you can always just bring them to church.  You know that I speak to not yet Christians in my sermon every week, so don't feel a pressure to have to do it yourself.  However, being able to talk with others about Jesus is something that I want to see us all continue to grow in.  So that's why we will be having a Digging Deeper class on Evangelism coming up in May to better equip you to share your faith with your friends.

How would you fill this in, "This year I am reaching out and praying that __________ will be made a disciple"?

2.  Who is someone that I am walking next to?

The mission is not just to try to see someone made a disciple, but to see them continue to mature as a disciple.  So who is one person this year that you can commit to pray for, regularly spend time with and have conversations about how to grow in relationship with Jesus?  Think about the people in your small group.  Think about new guests to our church.  Take the initiative and seek to help people grow in learning how to love Christ, love each other and love our city. We don't have to be experts to do this.  We just have to be available and willing.  

How would you fill this in, "This year I am seeking to help __________ mature as a disciple"?

3.  Who is someone that I am running forward with?

No matter how long we have been following Jesus we should all long to run with endurance the race that is set before us in such a way as to win the prize of pleasing our Lord Jesus Christ.  Complacency is the enemy of our joy of growing as a disciple of Christ.  We should long to grow, not to earn God's love, but because we already know that we have it.  Knowing the love of Jesus should make us thirsty to experience more of Jesus through our continually pursuit of growing as a disciple of Jesus.  So who is someone that you can intentionally spend time with who is going to help you run the race?  Who is someone who is a little ahead of you that you are going to need to run hard to catch up?

How would you fill this in, "This year I am pursuing __________ to help me mature as a disciple"?

Who's Your 3?  I'm convinced that if we can all answer that question a year from now and are actively pursuing these three people on a regular basis, then we will be moving forward in mission as a church and glorifying our great savior Jesus.  We have nifty bookmarks that we can use to fill these three categories out and keep with us to keep us focused on our mission.  You can pick them up at our Get Connected table.

Who's Your 3?

- Pastor Jeff

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