Our Small Group Leaders



Southwark - Thursday Night

Leader: Jake and Bo Demi

2018 FALL SEMESTER Topic (September - December)

Galations Bible Study

Has the gospel become dull, elementary, or basic to you? Have you given in to the subtle, yet damaging lie that our favor before God can be earned by our merit? In our study of Galatians, we will discover the crucial and foundational truth concerning the doctrine of justification by faith in Christ. We, like the Galatian churches, need gospel clarity - not just for assurance of salvation, but also for holy living. As Tim Keller puts it, “the gospel is not just the 'ABCs' but the 'A-to-Z' of the Christian life.” 

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(610) 308-2062



Dickinson Square West - Tuesday Night

Leader: Eric and Elise Neumann

2018 FALL SEMESTER Topic (September - December)

Proverbs Bible Study

What does it mean to be wise?  That is the question that the book of Proverbs answers.  Fall we will endeavor to get a solid understanding of what God says about being wise through studying the first section of Proverbs 1-9.  We will be following the guidance of Ray Ortlund Jr's Bible study called Wisdom that Works.  You don't need to own the study in order to participate, but it is a great read.  We will meet for dinner at 6:30pm and get the study started sometime around 7:30pm.

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Pennsport - Wednesday Night

Leader: Josh and Rebekah Nussbaum

2018 FALL SEMESTER Topic (September - December)

1 John Bible Study

Come out for potluck dinner and fellowship followed by a Bible study in 1 John.  We will be learning how to study God’s word together and discussing God’s love for us and how we should live as believers.  This is a very practical and approachable book, appropriate for people seeking more information about Christianity, new believers, and those long-established in the faith. 

Contact Info:
(860) 830-9947



South of Snyder/Whitman - Thursday Night

Leader: Matt and Jessica Slingerland

2018 FALL SEMESTER Topic (September - December)

Luke Sermon Discussion

We will be digging deeper into our current sermon series in Luke.  Some weeks we will discuss the passage that will be preached the following Sunday, other weeks we may review the passage from the sermon that was just preached.  Our aim will be to grow deeper in our understanding of Scripture and how to apply it to our daily lives.

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Girard Estates- Thursday Night

Leader: Steve and Megan Crowell

2018 FALL SEMESTER Topic (September - December)

Reading the Bible Supernaturally

What does the Bible itself say is the ultimate goal of reading the Bible? The Bible makes clear that the goal of reading the Bible is to see what can only be supernaturally seen and therefore, the implications for how we read the Bible are profound. In this study we will seek to grow in our love for God as we become better readers of His Word.  We are going to be studying Reading the Bible Supernaturally, which is a book by John Piper.  Purchasing the book is not necessary, but you can get it on Amazon or it is downloadable on John Piper's website for free.

Contact Info:

(856) 296-1195