Our Sunday Worship Service is the highlight of our church life and the primary way we build together as a community.  Our liturgy includes worshiping God through singing, praying, reading scripture, listening to teaching from the Bible and celebrating the Lord’s supper.  Our gatherings are held at our church building at 229 Moore Street Philadelphia, PA 19148.  Coffee and light refreshments are served at 9:30am and the worship service begins at 10:00am and  usually ends sometime around 11:30am.

What to Expect at our Gathering

-  To be warmly welcomed no matter who you are!  Get here early and help yourself to some awesome bagels from South Street Bagels.

-  Some people dress really casually in flip flops and shorts, others like to dress up a little more by either putting on a dress or a button down shirt.  Whatever you feel comfortable to wear, you are welcome to wear.

-  Dynamic music with a mix of both contemporary songs and traditional hymns. Our focus is to sing Christ Centered songs whether they are 300 years old or 3 months old.

-  After we all sing together as families, our kids go to a safe and nurturing children's ministry program where they are taught about Jesus by trained volunteers and the adults stay for the preaching of God's word.  If it would be your preference, you can feel free to keep your kids with you throughout the entire service.

- Congregational prayer as we ask God to move in our church, in our city and our world.

-  Preaching that is clear, relevant and straight from the Bible.  Critical thinking is encouraged and any questions about the sermon can be texted in to the pastor while he preaches.  He follows up in the coming week on each one.

-  Celebration of the Lord's supper.

-  An opportunity to be prayed for after the service, or speak to a pastor about any spiritual questions you might have.

-  The service generally lasts for about 90 minutes from 10am-11:30am.